Letters week of July 8, 2010



Correcting the Record on More Than One Level

In the July 1 issue of the Jewish Exponent, I was quoted in an advertisement paid for by the organization known as "Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin." The ad references a 2007 article in The Philadelphia Inquirer about Rep. Joe Sestak's keynote speech at a fundraiser for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

At the time the quote first appeared in the Inquirer, I felt I was misquoted, since I was not at the event in question. In any case, the appearance of this quotation in conjunction with Sestak's upcoming election should NOT be misconstrued as my denouncing Sestak as a candidate for senator.

While I was opposed to Sestak's being the keynote speaker at the CAIR fundraiser because of that group's ties to Hamas and other terrorists, after many conversations with him and his staff, I have come to believe that Sestak's booking of that speaking engagement may have been more a sign of his naivete about CAIR than about his support of terrorism or a lack of support for Israel.

Also for the record, I am NOT a supporter of Sarah Palin, and did not approve of my name or quote being used in the ad that was funded by "Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin." Last, but not least, the synagogue of which I am the spiritual leader is not the Havertown JCC. The name of the synagogue is Suburban Jewish Community Center B'nai Aaron.

Rabbi Lisa Malik
Suburban JCC B'nai Aaron


Got a Good Chuckle From an Unlikely Source: An Ad

I rarely smile or laugh at the Jewish Exponent's advertisements, but today I did. An ad against Joe Sestak was written and signed by "Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin."

I wonder who they are. My Jewish friends and I would be ashamed to be a friend of Sarah Palin, a woman who seems to have few coherent thoughts. Her verbal ability reminds me of a cute junior high school girl wanting to make an impression on a male teacher.

She is proud of being a representative of the Tea Party, whom I call Tea Baggers.

But someone paid for this ad, and was unashamed of being a friend. Thank heavens I don't know him (or her)!

Phyllis Abrams
Plymouth Meeting


Congressman Fattah: Quite Supportive of Israel

The Jewish Exponent rightly acknowledged that our local senators and representatives co-signed letters to the president reaffirming Israel's right to self-defense in the wake of the Gaza flotilla incident, along with more than three-quarters of Congress (Nation & World, "Lawmakers Back Israel in Post-Flotilla Letter," June 24).

Unfortunately, the description of the letter that Rep. Chaka Fattah sent to President Barack Obama on this issue left readers with the false impression that the congressman is not supportive of Israel.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Fattah's letter reaffirms the two nations' "close friendship based on common democratic values, religious affinities and security interests."

Fattah recognizes Hamas' "unwavering commitment to wage war against Israel," and that the "Israeli government has an absolute right to inspect all shipments in to Gaza" to prevent materials that could be used against Israel.

But Fattah's letter goes even further than the congressional letter. He notes Iran's continued role in fomenting terror against Israel and the dangerous threat Iran poses to the West. And he states that he is a "proud co-sponsor" of the Iran sanctions legislation that has just passed Congress.

The pro-Israel community must thank our elected officials, including Congressman Chaka Fattah, for their outspoken support for Israel.

The U.S. Congress was the only world body to speak out in support of Israel in this crisis. We should never take their support for granted.

Harris L. Devor


Short, but Sweet: Her Reaction to a Cover Story

My reaction to "From a Chaotic Life to a New One of 'Familial' Order" by Fredda Sacharow can be summed up in two words: goose bumps.

Thank you! This was a very moving article.

Sarah Sherman


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