Letters Week of Feb. 21, 2013


Gun control is not the only moral issue facing the country and the Exponent is exhorted to do its part in fighting the obesity epidemic.

Aren’t There Other Moral Issues to Deal With?

My letter is directed to those people (and especially to the rabbi of Main Line Reform Temple) who believe that gun control “is the moral issue of our time” that demands our time and attention (Cover story: ‘The Moral Issue of Our Time, Jan. 31).

I have several questions. First, has poverty been eliminated in here and in Israel? Second, have substance abuse and mental illness also been eliminated? Third, are there no more Jewish children in need of foster care and/or adoption? Fourth, are there no more physically disabled people in the Jewish community? Fifth, are there no more genetic diseases affecting the Jewish community, and do all Jews have access to affordable health care?

If all these very important issues have been totally eliminated or dealt with, shouldn’t we then disband Jewish groups such as HIAS, JNF, Magen David Adom, Hadassah, ZOA and others because there is no longer a need for them? And once they have been eliminated, all our effort, time and money can then be put toward the allegedly “moral issue” of gun control.

Harold S. Rose | Narberth

So That All in the Community May Benefit

I read with great interest Gabby Kaplan-Meyer’s article (Opinion: “Inclusion for All Must Be Philosophy Our Community Embraces,” Feb 7). Gabby’s Celebrations! program is an important effort in our community and speaks to the need to accommodate all groups of people, from both Jewish and secular perspectives.

Gabby is just the kind of parent the Venture Philanthropy Partnership had in mind when it decided to address the area of special needs service coordination and information. The VPP is comprised of a group of entrepreneurial-minded Jewish philanthropists in the region committed to working collaboratively to enable donors to pool funds to find strategic, holistic and cost effective solutions to problems dramatically affecting the Jewish community. The VPP initially focused its attention and resources on the area of special needs services information and outreach.

Inspired by the vision of the VPP and with its financial support, Jewish Family and Children’s Service has collaborated with 10 agencies (JEVS, JCHAI, JLV, JIRS, Einstein Healthcare Network, Friendship Circle, FELS, OROT, Politz and Gratz JCHS) to create a free searchable website (specialneedsphilly.org) and warm-line, answered by a trained clinician (1-800-859-7674) to help special needs individuals and their caregivers. By listing Celebrations! on our website, all who need this type of program can easily find necessary resources and benefit from this valuable tool.

Additionally, JFCS offers care management services for families and individuals, and provides information and resources for families to prevent their isolation.

Hollie Elgart | Jewish Family and Children’s Service

‘Exponent,’ Do Your Part to Fight Fat!

Oy, Jewish Exponent, in this age of proliferating obesity, heart disease and diabetes, surely you could have found healthier alternatives to pecan pie and deep fried onion rings in your food articles in the Feb.7 issue!

Or at least print the nutritional information for those who may not be aware of the calorie/fat content of these foods.

Please do your part to contribute to our healthy eating.

Sue Levin | Blue Bell


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