Letters week of April 29, 2010


A Night When Christians Loudly Supported Israel

It was an outstanding experience to attend the two-hour program, "Night to Honor Israel," in Lansdale on April 25.

Organized by 15 local churches, several hundred Christians — all united for Israel, with many waving Israeli flags — rallied in vociferous support of the state and the Jewish people.

In this time of great peril, these pro-Israel Christians are actively advocating for the Jewish people's right to live in the land of Israel.

We urge everyone to attend future rallies for Israel organized by these Christians who have taken to their hearts the need to support their Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel.

Attending this event has made me feel that I was present at something historic — Christian support for the Jewish people.

David Romanoff, M.D.
Penn Valley

Jews Should Applaud the Work of Christian Zionists

I was perplexed when I read the mixed comments by Jews concerning the support that Christian Zionists give to the Jewish state in your April 22 cover story, "What to Make of Evangelical 'Love-Fests?' "

This is especially troubling at a time of diminishing support for Israel, even by the current U.S. administration.

We should be welcoming and appreciative of this sincere Christian support. Their actions derive primarily from their belief in the Bible and a proper understanding of the Arab war against Israel.

It is irrelevant that we may differ on other issues. Coalitions are built on agreement on a specific matter, not on every single issue before us.

These people write, speak and lobby against the continuous Palestinian incitement to hatred and violence against Jews in their media, schools and streets; the dangers of a Palestinian state being taken over by Hamas and Iran; the right of Jews to live in Jerusalem, as well as Judea and Samaria; in addition to fighting against Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.

Israeli Consul Daniel Kutner and I were the main speakers at the event, which drew almost 1,000 people. Never have I felt such an outpouring of love and support as I felt that night.

Morton A. Klein
National president
Zionist Organization of America
New York, N.Y.

Shocked by Depictions of Art and 'Fair' Play

As part of your cover story, "For Two Painters, Art's All in the Family," (April 1) you printed a picture of a drawing made by the Palestinian Arab artist Khador Oshah depicting a caption in Arabic on top of a map of the Land of Israel. Yet you did not include a translation of this caption. Knowing Arabic, I can tell you that it says, "Palestine before the 'catastrophe' of 1948."

Has this newspaper become a tool of propaganda for our enemies and the anti-Semites? Is this newspaper the Jewish Exponent or Our Enemy's Exponent?

As you proudly list on the front page, the newspaper was founded in 1887.

My predecessors, rabbis of Mikveh Israel, would be shocked by either the callousness of your journalism or by your stab at "fair" reporting, playing on the ignorance of some of — though, thank God, not all — your readers.

It is about time that the Jewish media used pro-Jewish terminology and not follow the mainstream (and biased) media. We should call a terrorist exactly that and not a militant; write Judea and Samaria, and not West Bank; liberated or disputed territories, and not occupied or Palestinian territories; and Israel independence — and not "catastrophe."

Rabbi Albert Gabbai


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