Letters Week of Jan. 31, 2013


A reader posits that it's not guns but our culture of violence that is to blame while another states that the Orthodox must do their fair share in Israel.

Look to Our Culture of Violence for Answers

The hypocrisy surrounding the so-called gun debate is plumbing new depths.We are now served the spectacle of religious leaders “heeding God’s call” pontificating about the evils of guns.To add insult to injury, we are reminded of the first commandment regarding “idolatry” by Rabbi David Strauss (“Area Rabbis Speak Out for Gun Control,” Jan. 3).

If scripture is to be our debating platform, let us also remember the sixth commandment (“You shall not kill”). Since Roe v. Wade in 1973,this nation has willingly murdered about 55 million unborn or partially born children.Where is the esteemed clergy’s outrage at this holocaust?

Leaving scripture aside,where is the religious establishment’s outrage at the toxic brew of gore and violence dished out by our glorified movie industry? Where is the outrage when the TV industry daily inundates American homes with this constant sewage eagerly consumed by impressionable young minds?

An intelligent debate regarding the tragic murders of innocents in this country should have as a starting point our “idolatrous” love affair with violence in this culture. Then and only then can we engage serious minds in the search for solutions to our national problem.

Victor Evereklian | Havertown

The Orthodox in Israel Must Do Their Fair Share

Orthodox Jews in Israel have gotten a free ride for too many years. While they benefit financially from governmental subsidies for their daily living, their numerous children and their excuse of having to study the Torah at all costs, the needy Israelis are suffering (“Likud Wins, but Rise of Yesh Atid Means Netanyahu Faces Bumpy Road,” Jan. 24).

Orthodox Jews must participate in serving their country. Their religious practices are not a reason to avoid defending the country that provides for them in all ways. If they want to be free and safe, then they have to participate completely in that freedom.

I think it’s time to encourage the Orthodox community in Israel to do their fare share — or else suffer the consequences of not having the government support them financially.

Gloria Gelman | Philadelphia

Once Again, A Double Standard on Terrorism

It is the height of chutzpah that French President François Hollande can justify sending troops to the African nation of Mali, declaring, “We cannot have a terrorist state at the door of Europe” (Le Monde, Jan. 13) and yet as world-renowned photographer Ron Agam noted in a column in The Algemeiner: “When Israel launches a defensive operation to protect its citizens from missile attacks from terrorists in Gaza, all the French newspapers and television commentators scream about Israeli aggression.” Agam points out that the distance between Paris and Mali’s capital, Bamako, is just under 4,000 miles while the Gaza Strip abuts Israel. I would add that the Gazans fired thousands of missiles into Israel before Israel responded.

Next time Palestinian-Arab terrorists force Israel to put a stop to their missile attacks from Gaza, France, the rest of Europe and all of the others who castigate the Jewish state for self-defense should keep their opinions to themselves.

Gene Shusman | Rydal


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