Letters Week of Dec. 14, 2011


One reader comes to the defense of President Obama while another asks if he's been a friend or a foe.


Obama Has Acted Decisively Against Iran
I am deeply dismayed that no counterpoint was presented to the opinion piece written by Gary Erlbaum and Benyamin Korn in the Dec. 1 edition of the Jewish Exponent (Editorial & Opinions: "Obama's Response to Iranian Nukes Is Far From Serious").
President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have acted strongly and decisively against Iranian aggression. It is, in fact, the GOP that last month chose business interests over taking action against Iran.
Rep. Rush Holt (D-N.J.) proposed closing an important loophole in the Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act. Closing this loophole would have stopped Iranian-tied businesses from raising U.S. capital. This act failed on a completely party line vote, with the House GOP voting against it.
Furthermore, President Obama on Nov. 20 signed an executive order that, for the first time, specifically targets Iran's petrochemical industry, a significant source of its export revenues and a cover for imports for sanctioned activities.
As part of this same executive order, other sanctions will be expanded on Iran's oil and gas businesses.
In addition, on Nov. 18, the Obama administration praised the International Atomic Energy Agency's censure of Iran and further stated that the administration would continue to put pressure on Iran with the help of its European partners — as well as unilaterally.
The Obama administration has taken strong action against Iran and will continue to do so not just to protect Israel's interests but those of the United States as well.
Jill Zipin
Is President Obama Our Friend or a Foe?
If President Barack Obama seeks Jewish votes, he goes about it in a way that defies decency and common sense. In your Dec. 15 e-newsletter, you report that the U.S. Rep. Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, recently suggested that Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is the cause for renewed anti-Semitism.
Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta reiterated this country's "unshakable commitment to Israel's security" and went on to say that "Israel can reach out and mend fences with those who share an interest in regional stability — countries like Turkey and Egypt."
He glossed over Turkey's conduct during the flotilla incident and the storming of the Israeli Embassy in Cairo by Egyptian thugs (done with the obvious consent of Egyptian authorities).
Regarding the Palestinians, however, Israel should "just get to the damn table." Israel has been sitting at the table for over 60 years, thank you very much, waiting for the Palestinians to get serious about peace.
Finally, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is "concerned" about women's rights in Israel and the threat to Israeli democracy. Can she really be serious?
Apparently, it's of little concern to the secretary of state that the Muslim Brotherhood is on course to hijack the "Arab Spring" and subordinate it to Sharia Law, virtually enslaving millions of women in the Middle East.
This full-court press against Israel makes one wonder why any Jew would consider Obama a friend of Israel.
Gadi Naaman
Whose Arms Did These Guys Have in Mind?
The ad from CenterSpace Pilates in the left hand corner of page 44 in the Dec. 1 Jewish Exponent (headlined "Hadassah Arms Don't Exist in Here") was an insult to Hadassah members of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.
"Hadassah arms" are strong and beautiful from the considerable work they do in support of Israel, medical research and tikkun olam.
Melissa Schiffman
(Hadassah Life Member and possessor of zero arm flab)


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