Letters Week of Nov. 9, 2011


The peace process is nothing but a farce; and what would Rita Levine have done if she hadn't been killed by a terrorist?


Peace Process Always Nothing But a Farce
For 18 years — since September 1993 — the foundational principle leading the efforts for peace between Jews and Palestinian-Arabs has been "two states for two peoples."
While it has been clear to many of us that the Palestinian-Arabs and the broader Arab and Muslim peoples have had no intention of accepting the Jewish state, Israel long ago recognized the Palestinian-Arab claim to a state and made significant territorial, security, military and financial concessions.
In addition, Israelis and Jews encouraged negotiations and taught their younger generations that Arabs were peace partners.
Now, we have the presumed leader of the Palestinian-Arabs, Mahmoud Abbas — often described in the pages of the Jewish Exponent and elsewhere as a "moderate" — openly declaring what was already obvious: "I will never recognize the Jewishness of the state or a Jewish state" (Israel & Mideast: "Abbas Says He'll Never Recognize a Jewish State," Nov. 3). He also praised the kidnapping and holding for five years of Gilad Shalit.
It is a pity this "news" was not featured on Page 1 of the Exponent for all to see rather than buried on page 25.
Those who care about Israel need to see and recognize that the alleged "peace partners" have no interest in co-existence or peace and because of Arab intransigence, the "peace process" has been a farce that gave false hope to so many and further endangered Israeli lives.
Steve Feldman
Executive director
Zionist Organization of America Greater Philadelphia District
What Would Rita Levine Have Done If She Lived?
As I was reading the letter by Burton Caine, about the murder of Jews by an Arab, I was getting pretty angry and feeling sorry for the loss of Rita Levine and the other victims (Letters: "Released Terrorist Killed Temple Law Graduate," Oct. 27).
As I read the last line, where Caine recalls that Rita's last words were in sympathy with the Arab cause, I thought it very ironic that, knowing that the Arab cause is the total annihilation of Israel and all the Jews in the Middle East (for starters), Levine was indeed supporting the Arab cause by being murdered by an Arab.
But based on her dying sentiments, had Rita Levine lived to become an Israeli attorney, she would have surely spent her career hurting Israel and her own Jewish people by waging war in court on the side of the Arab population of Israel. These are the same Arabs that already have more rights and a better life than the average Arab in any Arab country.
Ron Kall


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