Your Vote Counts



It's admittedly hard to get excited about going to the polls when the biggest race on the ballot is for county commissioner or school board member. Still, these local races matter — and your vote counts.

The privilege of voting should not be taken for granted. The images of Tunisians standing in line for hours to vote in their first democratic election serve as a much-needed reminder of how lucky we are that we've known only free and fair elections throughout our history.

This year, as our cover story points out, debates over spending and debt on the local level mirror the issues playing out on the national stage. As the presidential and congressional election season heats up over these and other issues in advance of Election Day 2012, we are bracing for a brutal year in politics.

Pennsylvania is already shaping up once again to be a key battleground state, where national politicians will be fighting hard, both for Jewish financial support and voter muscle.

So while the atmosphere remains relatively tame, put on your good-citizen hat and go to the polls on Election Day, Nov. 8.



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