It’s Their ‘Worlds’!



"Can't we all get along?"

This famous clarion call for human bonding in an unglued world has been adapted and adopted in a most unusual — and provocative — documentary that is sure to inspire debates and denouncements.

Between Two Worlds is a Jewish seesaw of cinema, a wickedly observed examination of how Jews pivot politically left and right.

It is Jew versus Jew — in the United States, Israel — wherever Jews gather to debate and, of course, argue.

And they will argue: The Deborah Kaufman/Alan Snitow film of snits and savage rages — receiving its local premiere here at the Philadelphia Film Festival — is no middle-of-the-road documentary; here paths are cleaved into two, with truths for one viewed as potholes by the other.

Between Two Worlds is slated to be screened Oct. 23, at 2:45 p.m., at International House; the following day's showing, at 2:30 p.m., is set for the Ritz East.

Using discussions and disagreements here and abroad over the role of Israel as homeland/oppressor; the advisability/heresy of self-criticism in public; the sense of leftism as a right of heritage/disgrace to history, Between Two Worlds is the perfect set-up for anyone who has ever shouldered into a room and brayed, "You got a problem with that?"

Everyone here does and, most likely will. Long after the film fades to black, the red-rage faces will continue to blister.

Can't we all get along? Maybe on one point: Jews will continue to agree to disagree.