When the Unforeseen Comes Into View…


Imagine losing your computer or PDA, and not having any of the information backed up. How long would it take you to reconstruct that information? What would you do in the meantime?

Losing your personal information is devastating enough, but now imagine that you're a businessperson whose company has been hit by a natural or human-made disaster, destroying all your records and the ability to process transactions.

Smart business executives know that protecting their company's data and the ability to process that data is vital to business success. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to adopt the mentality that "it will never happen to my company" – until it does.

"The bottom line is: How long can you afford to be out of business?" asks Mark Hansen, chief technical officer of MarquisNet, a global provider of disaster-recovery services. "For most companies, the answer is 'not very long.' "

Having an emergency plan in place gives businesses a competitive edge by ensuring that the company's work is not disrupted during a disaster, and that it always has immediate access to important data. Hansen's company specializes in such needs.

"We recently helped a client whose office lease was terminated early. While that may not sound too bad, the company had just one week's notice from its landlord. They needed a place immediately for computers and staff."

After all, adds Hansen, "Continuity is key in business."

This article appears in cooperation with ARA Content.


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