Letters Week of Jan. 3, 2013


No need to be kosher to enjoy kosher restaurants, one reader says. Two others weigh in on why students don't protest anymore and the need to push leaders to make gun control a priority.

You Don’t Have to Be Kosher to Enjoy Kosher Meal
As I glanced through your article about “Where You Should Eat Asian Food on Christmas” in the Dec. 20 issue, I was troubled when I read the following sentence: “While I can’t personally vouch for these restaurants, here are a few ideas for those looking for certified kosher …”
Wait a minute! This isn’t a secular newspaper like The Phila­del­phia Inquirer; this is the JEWISH Exponent! While I understand that not all of us Jews keep kosher, one might expect the Exponent staff to have at least tried the two kosher Asian restaurants in Philadelphia.
I would certainly understand a writer at the Exponent stating that since they keep kosher, they can’t vouch for the non-kosher restaurants, but the implication is that kosher isn’t an acceptable option for this writer, who writes the “Bubbi Project.” I would expect that someone giving advice in a Jewish newspaper be able to give advice on Jewish themes.
As someone who keeps kosher and has eaten many times at Singapore, I can tell you it is quite good, and not all of the diners there are Jewish. You know, you don’t have to keep kosher to enjoy a meal at a kosher restaurant!
Alvin Stern, Cherry Hill, N.J.
Here’s Why Students Aren’t Protesting Anymore
In her opinion article recalling the student movement for Soviet Jews (“Where Is Student Activism?” Dec. 13), Cheryl Halpern ignores two basic changes in Jewish youth that have occurred in the last 25 years.
The number of young Jews is catastrophically diminished because of the miniscule and alarming Jewish birth rate.And the few children born have been raised to believe that basic Jewish identity consists of “tikkun olam,” a mendacious and deceptive euphemism for the gradual imposition of leftist totalitarian tyranny.
Nahum J. Duker, Melrose Park
NRA Types Now Rushing to Buy More Guns
I am reading my Dec. 20 Jewish Exponent, with the cover story about 6-year-old Noah Pozner, killed in Newtown. The tragic nature of this terrible crime is summed up in the headline: “The First of Many Funerals.”
I commend all the rabbis who urge us to vote for restricting the sale of assault weapons in the future, but no one addresses the problem of the millions of these guns already in the homes of Americans, that can perpetrate similar crimes, to say nothing of the fact that right now the gun stores are selling many more to the people who are rushing to get them before any anti-gun laws can be passed.
The deed that has shocked us, hard to believe, has caused this unfeeling result among members of the National Rifle Association. I am against all guns since many murders are committed every day with ordinary pistols.
Our country is among the most violent in the world. We need to force our leaders to give this problem priority over the financial situation.
Prayers are not going to help.
Ethel J.Robin, Bala Cynwyd


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