Letters Week of Nov. 3, 2005

Don't Be Fooled by the Petroleum-Soaked Carrot

Even as a news junky who's been following the trail of Saudi cash for years, I was shocked at the extent it's been used to promote a whitewashed view of Islam to public-school kids. (Cover story: "Saudi Cash Paves Way for Public-School Bias," Oct. 27).

Think about it: Every time you fill up your gas-guzzling vehicle, you're aiding and abetting this disturbing distortion of the complete truth about the goals of Islam, which they don't want you to know.

The Saudis love "peace," but only on their terms. This really means jihad war on non-Muslims, who are not to be accorded equal status (especially Jews and Christians).

Their real goal is the imposition of Islam on the world; that has been the ultimate purpose since the religion's founding 1,400 years ago. The Saudis are engaged in a huge cover-up of Islamic doctrine and history.

They don't want us to see the full picture. We must wake up and educate ourselves to this onslaught, and not be tempted to see it all through petro-soaked glasses.

That does not mean we cannot try to engage in dialogue with those of goodwill who aspire to true and equal peace with respect and dignity for non-Muslims. But we must understand their core beliefs as enshrined in their holiest texts.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Lee Bender

The Saudis: Root of Evil in This Troubled World

Reading the Oct. 27 cover story "Saudi Cash Paves Way for Public-School Bias" only confirmed my fears that we're already infiltrated by Islamic thinking in the United States.

I believe that before attacking Iraq, we should have ripped apart the Saudi regime, which is – thanks to their oil dollars – the root of the world's evil.

It is not surprising that New Mexico has been chosen to host the Dar al Islam enclave. Mexican border states are becoming the best choice for entry to the United States by terrorists.

According to Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas), a full-scale war is under way on our southern border. A large but unknown number of Al Qaeda operatives are infiltrating our country virtually anywhere they choose, from Brownsville to San Diego. Terrorists, drug-smugglers and killers are trained here within walking distance of the U.S. border.

Isabelle Tahar Miller

Fight Terror With Terror: One Death Equals 100

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recently tried to exert pressure on Israel to do more in behalf of the Palestinian state (A Matter of Opinion: "Is the Choice Abbas or the Abyss?" Oct. 27).

Maybe she should talk to my son's Israeli army commander, whose 21-year-old wife of three months was shot dead by Palestinian gunmen while she was waiting for a ride last month at a bus stop.

The day after the Gaza withdrawal, the Palestinians shot up the area, proclaiming that their killing efforts drove the Israelis out. Then, they proceeded to strip the very greenhouses – built by the Israelis – that could give them a viable standard of living.

I am now convinced that the only thing that might get them to think seriously about coexistence is if Israel starts bulldozing, town by town, all places that harbor the terrorists and their bomb-making facilities.

When they learn that the price for one death is 100 other deaths, maybe it will sink in.

David Mermelstein
Huntingdon Valley

Goodbye, Harriet Miers. She Just Wasn't Qualified!

The Jewish Exponent's Oct. 20 editorial, "A Question of Faith," asked a question about President Bush's assertion that central to Harriet Miers' qualifications was her religious faith.

At the same time, halfway around the world, the administration was doing everything possible to encourage secular influence in Iraq and elsewhere. I think we're right over there, and that Bush needed to rethink our position here.

Ms. Miers may practice her religion and do good works, but those were not qualifications for the Supreme Court.

Ed Rosen


New Curricula's Only Part of the Struggle for Kids

Kudos for your coverage of innovative programs in supplemental Jewish education (Religion & Ethics: "Model Programs Make the Student," Oct. 27).

As the educational director of Temple Beth Hillel/Beth El in Wynnewood – a Conservative congregation affiliated with the United Synagogue – I have been thrilled to be a part of both Project Etgar and "The Framework for Excellence."

These programs have enabled our school to offer a high-quality, intensive and challenging program of Jewish education in a congregational setting.

Project Etgar, in particular, has succeeded in engaging sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders in tefillah, text study, Jewish history and mitzvot, and, most significantly, has continued to engage students beyond Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

While developing new and exciting curricula is an essential investment for congregations and national movements, classroom learning needs to be combined with informal learning: active youth programs, Jewish camping and extended Israel experiences, as well as committed Jewish homes.

It is probably these experiences – more than the formal programs – that assure Jewish identity and continuity into the teen and adult years.

Michael Schatz
Educational director
Temple Beth Hillel/Beth El

Poor Taste in a Cartoon That Depicted Specter

The Oct. 20 editorial-cartoon caricature of Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter was in very poor taste.

Despite his battle with cancer and his ongoing, debilitating chemotherapy treatments, the man has not missed a beat in his service as chair of the Judiciary Committee or his duties in the Senate.

To caricature him using his present physical condition (loss of hair, gaunt expression) is to do him and other cancer patients a grave injustice.

The cartoonist should be ashamed of himself.

Susan Marks



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