The Last Word Week of Aug. 11, 2005


(Wedding) ‘March of the Penguins’

“Goldberg wedding? We’re at the Goldberg wedding?! I thought you said we were going to an Iceberg sighting! (At least, I wore formal.)”

Fuhrer Takes One-Two Punch

Who says German don'thave a sense of humor? Not the Jews who took home top prizes for "Go for Zucker!" at the German Film Prize conclave. Indeed, the movie, abouttwo clashing Jewish-Germanbrothers – one secular, the otherobservant – meant thedown fall for "Downfall," the Oscar-nominated film aboutHitler's last days. Nothing funny about that one.

… but 'Downfall' of Israeli Movies?

According to the Associated Press, a major Israeli movie chain has decided to show theOscar-nominated drama "Downfall" to audiences after some hesitation. Wonder if Wagner CDs

Musical Prose Not iPod Ready

The music of the night must not be too soothing for Edgar Bronfman Jr. these days as his Warner Music company is out of tune with the rest of the industry. Which may explain the ribbing Bronfman took, as reportedby the New York Daily News, when being honored as the "Music Visionary of the Year" by United Jewish Appeal in New York. Here, according to the report, is an ad in the event's program specially made up for the occasion by an exec at one of Warner's subsidiaries: "Roses are Reddish. Violetsare Blueish. Our stock's in the toilet. But at least we're both Jewish."Ya know, it has a catchy beat. Wonder if the underling candance to it – on the way to the unemployment line. Bronfman, reportedly, took it in stride, and was smiling about it, getting the joke, whose writer – smartly – added,"Sincere congrats to a great music man and a true mensch." If only he hadn't signed William Hung …

… and There May Be a Part in the Movie for the Rabbi

Is this the little girl I carried? Wait … Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) is no Tevye, so fans of HBO's excellent adventure, "Entourage," just knew his daughter Sara's (Cassidy Lehrman) Bat Mitzvah last Sunday would have to be different. And was it ever! The only thing missing wasan ice sculpture of MGM's Leo the Lion and a chopped liver mold of the Hollywood sign. But unheard in all the hubbub was what Sara revealed when asked what her ultimate Bat Mitzvah gift would be. When the cameras were turned off, TLW, attending the party at the invitation of Turtle, posed that very question. Her perfect Bat Mitzvah gift? "I want to direct."

Anybody Check Judge Wapner's Availability?

Who knew that President Bush was such a fan of TV. Okay, so he didn't pick Judge Judy as his Supreme Court nominee, as was wildly andwidely rumored, but at least he selected someone from CBS' news department. Guess John Roberts won't be replacing Dan Rather as anchor after all.

Mr. Goodbar – Stay Away!

Irony is … ABC's new social study of a series- "Hooking Up" – logging in as it does about Internet dating, is being brought to the small screen by Terence Wrong. TLW just has to ask … why would they have a Mr. Wrong in charge of a program about finding Mr. Right?

But 'Jersey Girl' Was a Bust

Want proof that "Trenton Makes – the World Takes"? In the latest stats from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Trenton came in seventh for per capita income, at $41,499, about $600 ahead of New York. Maybe that's why the R3-West Trenton has SEPTA's worst on-time performance. Too busy counting their money.



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