‘Scene’ Contest: Six-Pack of DVDs!

Want to get out and see a movie, but the heat’s got you afraid to open the door?

Well, “On the Sceners,” have we got a contest for you!

You can still see some topnotch flicks without turning off the A/C.

One winning “Scener” will receive oodles and oodles of hours of film in this, the “Scene-DVD Lollapalooza Contest,” featuring a six-pack of:

• “Troy,” in which Brad Pitt gets to flex some power as the epic warrior (before falling head over, ahem, heels for Angelina);

• “The Pacifier,” the movie that answers the question, “Can Vin Diesel be outmuscled on screen by a bunch of kids?”;

• “White Noise,” the supernatural thriller about communicating with the dead (maybe just tune into “Medium” on TV?);

• “The Fog of War,” the 2003 Oscar-winning documentary by Errol Morris about the Vietnam war;

• “Cursed,” the unrated version of Wes Craven’s thriller; and

• “The Parent Trap,” with Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson playing the parents of Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan (if you have to ask, you don’t remember Hayley Mills, either).

It’s all for one winner — plus a big, big bag of popcorn.

To enter, send your name, address and daytime phone number (postcards only) to “Scene-DVD Lollapalooza,” c/o the Jewish Exponent, 2100 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19103.

Entries must be received by noon on July 14.



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