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Is the CBS eye seeing red? Or is it just bloodshot from the shots the network's taken?

Two seasons after enduring controversy about reportedly planning a Hitler mini-series about the "good" young Hitler – and later airing a film that had no relation to that conceit at all – the network was quick to put the kibosh on any rumor that their upcoming miniseries on Pope John Paul II was going to be Problem No. II.

After a report posted on Arianna Huffington's blog by Lyn Davis Lear that Leslie Moonves, CBS head of all things network and beyond, gave the hechsher – after consulting with the current papal regime – that no Jews or gays would be involved in the film's production, Huffington's site promptly issued a retraction, admitting the error of its ways.

(One can only imagine the admonishment: "Don't run with that item; you'll put CBS' eye out!")

One thing's for sure; the pope about whom the biog's planned would never have given such a blessing himself for such bigotry.

Moonves, who's Jewish, was no doubt not exactly over the moon about the original report.

Another "Cold Case" solved.



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