Newsmakers Week of 3-15-2012


Beware the Ides of March? Actually, that was a pretty good George Clooney movie, so no need to beware. Instead better to be aware of what makes these people such “Star” material: Mosaic master Jonathan Mandell is no museum piece — until now: His artistry  is part of the “Liberty in Bloom” exhibit now at the National Liberty Museum. …

A thousand points of light — if ever there was one, it was Righteous Gentile Halina Wind Preston, whose tale — fictionalized — figures prominently in Agnieszka Holland’s current Holocaust movie In Darkness. Preston also figured prominently in the real life of Daily News writer David Lee Preston; the Holocaust hero was his mother. 
… Not everyone is so short-sighted to believe that this is no country for old men! Take AXA Advisors, once known as the Equitable Life Assurance Society of America. Seems the insurance company has its own motto when it comes to employees: May they live to be 120! Agent Theodore Krause is well on his way. The Jewish centenarian from Philly — now living in Vineland, N.J. — has just been honored by the company with its highest salute: the 2011 National Honor Associate Award. Krause, a former chicken farmer, is still yoked to his job and is quite the athlete, swimming six laps a day. And when he comes home, he’ll have someone to show the award to; his wife is 101. 
Mayda Clarke, executive director of Temple Emanuel, will be honored for her Bat Mitzvah year at the synagogue, with a Shabbat Torah service in her honor on March 30. …
Speak when called on? It’s a calling for Dr. Steven Mandel, who spoke on “Neurological Manifestations of Sjogren’s,” an auto-immune disease, at the Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation National Patient Conference in Reston, Va.
… Don’t know about the rod, but the staff seems to comfort Brian J. Hoffman; the Oreland resident’s been named a board member of the Mid-Atlantic Staffing Association.
Scott E. Shapiro has been elected a board trustee of the Pennsylvania Medical Society while Marcia Sachs Littell has been chosen for the board of the Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation, joining Marcel Groen and Marc D. Miller as selections.
… No failure to communicate here: At Penn — and also with a Hebrew U. link (he’s prof emeritus there), Elihu Katz, distinguished trustee professor of communication, has been cited for “lifelong contribution to media studies,” so says the International Association for Media and Communication Research.
… Obviously when someone asked for a volunteer, Sara Mayers didn’t step back. Now, 60 years later, she’s getting the proper recognition for all the work she’s done helping at the Wilkes-Barre Jewish Community Center. Mayers was recently saluted for her activism and help just before she was to leave Wilkes-Barre for the Philadelphia area. Mayers is in on life’s joke: She started her own Laughing Club at the JCC.
… What a dish! Laura Lyons is used to that. The former CIA (Culinary Institute of America) grad spied an opportunity to fill a hometown niche with her Dish With the Yenta traveling cooking classes and took the roaster on the road, recently opening the biz locally. Fave food? “My grandmother’s matzah ball soup!” she exclaims. 


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