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Welcome to the new online home for, the place to discover "What it Means to be Jewish in Philadelphia."

Welcome to the new Consider it your online home, the place to discover "What it Means to be Jewish in Philadelphia."

For 125 years, the Jewish Exponent newspaper has played a vital role in keeping our community informed and connected. When we looked to the future, we knew we wanted to do something extraordinary, to find a way to respond to the changing needs of our community and our medium. We wanted to capitalize on the journalistic expertise that has defined the Exponent for decades and at the same time develop distinct content across the print and digital platforms that would simultaneously enhance our outreach and enrich our community.
So we set out to create a portal for community conversation and information, the “go to” destination for what's going on, what's hot and what you need and want to know about the many facets of Jewish life in our region.
Much has changed since the Exponent first rolled off the presses  in 1887 — both in the world of journalism and in Jewish life — but our essential mission has not. We remain committed to connecting, engaging, inspiring and informing Jews across the political, religious, socio-economic and demographic spectra. 
So whether the Jewish Exponent has been a tradition in your family for generations or you've just moved to town; whether you're a rabbi, a young parent, a communal activist or a college student looking to find a point of entry, join us on this journey.
Take the time to explore our offerings: read our news and features; discover our blogs; share your simchas; search the interactive calendar for an interesting lecture or cultural event; find a resource in our comprehensive Guide to Jewish Life. And of course, let us know what you think. The Jewish Exponent, like our community as a whole, is a work in progress. We want to hear from you.
Lisa Hostein is the executive editor of the Jewish Exponent. Contact her at [email protected]


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