ADL Finds Decline in Hate Incidents



For the third straight year, Pennsylvania and Delaware have seen a decline in the number of anti-Semitic incidents, according to the Anti-Defamation League’s annual audit of such cases.
The 2011 report, officially released on Oct. 30, cited 39 such incidents over the course of last year. Of those, there were 11 cases of property damage and 28 instances of harassment.
Without mentioning specifics, the report did state that the ­cases included one Jewish middle school student being told by a classmate to “go die in the ovens”; a workplace supervisor telling a Jewish subordinate to “wear a yellow star around the ­office”; and a swastika painted on a Jewish social service agency office.
The 2010 audit reported 48 total anti-Semitic incidents and the 2009 audit reported 68 incidents.
Nationally, there were a total of 1,080 incidents, which represents a 13 percent decrease from the previous report. Those included 731 examples of harassment, 330 cases of vandalism and 19 incidents of assault.
The states with the highest totals were those with large Jewish populations.The top four states were California, with 235 incidents in 2011, down from 297 in 2010; New York, with 195 incidents, down from 205; New Jersey, with 144 incidents, up from 130; and Florida, with 111 incidents, down from 116.
Without providing exact numbers, the report also stated that anti-Semitic cyberbullying is an increasing trend.
Barry Morrison, the ADL’s regional director, said the organization “continues to receive a distressing number of complaints about children, adolescents and teenagers engaging in anti-Semitic behavior, both on and off school grounds.”
He added that these incidents have included “threats of violence and verbal and written taunts promoting anti-Semitic stereotypes or evoking disturbing Holocaust themes. We believe that these types of incidents show there is an ongoing need for comprehensive programming promoting diversity and tolerance and combating bullying of all kinds.”


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