Letters Week of Nov. 1, 2012


It's wrong to be a single-issue voter; politically conservative Jews actually do exist; but no one should use Israel to steal vote.


He Refuses to Be Just a Single-Issue Voter

I have been a consistent supporter of Israel all my life, but I find it insulting that the Republican Jewish Coalition — if one considers its ads in the Jewish Exponent — seems to think that I am, and should be, a single-issue voter, even for Israel. I am also concerned about tax equity, the right of women to make their own health decisions, the quality of our public education and the funding of food, rather than war.
We must consider what is in our interest when we vote, but we must bear in mind that we are part of a larger whole. If we think it acceptable to judge candidates solely on the basis of perceived differences in the degree of support for Israel, are we willing to accept officials elected by the greater majority also voting on a single issue — say, seeking to make the United States officially a Christian country? Can’t happen? Listen to some of the rhetoric in the hinterlands.
Ken Rosenberg

Politically Conservative Jews Do Actually Exist

It’s disappointing to find that the existence of politically conservative Jews is enough to drive some readers to apoplectic states. One writer in the Oct. 25 letters column insists that the Jewish Exponent, “as a Jewish newspaper that serves the entire community,” reject the Republican Jewish Coalition’s ads. Another reader invokes the fear of the Christian Right to try to delegitimize the RJC as not authentically Jewish.
Newsflash: Politically conservative Jews are part of the community. While still a minority, our numbers are increasing. Some of us have been able to grow beyond reflexive support of Democrats and have found that, in many areas, there is better thinking and better choices on the other side of the aisle.
No one has to trick us into supporting Mitt Romney for president. He is the better choice for America — for our economy, our place in the world and our future. He will also be a better friend to Israel than President Barack Obama.
Robert Rosen
Elkins Park

Paper Is the Perfect Place to Air Different Opinions

I do not agree with the gratuitous list of attack points in a political ad run by Obama Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania in the Oct. 25 Jewish Exponent. But I welcome the right to disagree, as it is part of a public forum on ideas for the Jewish community. If we all thought alike, who would do any original thinking or produce original ideas?
As a letter writer in the Oct. 25 issue noted, parts of the Jewish community are offended by points attacking President Obama as I am offended by the scurrilous attacks against the Republicans. But unlike him, 
I welcome the dialogue.
Phillip Remstein
King of Prussia

She’s Angry That GOP Is Using Israel to Steal Votes

As the press officer at the Israel Consulate General in Philadelphia from 1998 to 2003, I became intimately aware of the ever-widening gap between what Israel really wants and what most Jewish Americans believe Israel needs.
Israel wants our financial support and military cooperation, which President Barack Obama has consistently provided. Israel does not want any U.S. president to make inflammatory statements regarding Israel’s neighbors, as Romney has done, or to show unwavering support for Israel’s extreme religious right by embracing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As a Jew, I am ashamed that the GOP is using my people’s love of Israel as a way to turn American Jews against their own best interest and against the true aspirations of the Israeli people.
Stacia Friedman


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