Big Wheels Keep on Turning


The ride stuff: When Hazon, the 12-year org that describes itself as "one of the leading faith-based environmental organizations in the country and a driving force behind the growth of the Jewish Food Movement," sponsored a "Cross-USA Ride," they may have gotten more power to the pedal than even they anticipated. The 10-week cycle-fest attracted more than $150,000 in donations from some 1,200 donors nationwide. Here, local guy Joel Sweet shows why he proved such a big wheel in the event. Other Philadelphia-area easy riders who took part in the whole journey or part of it included Eliyahu Freedman, Jeremy Brochin, Steve Masters, Mindy Shapiro, Howard Rosen, Tal Rosen, Elliott Weinstein, Sue Weinstein and Rabbi Meryl Crean, chaplain of Martins Run in Media.


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