Hadassah Gives Grant to Gratz High


The Hadassah Foundation has awarded a "mini-grant" to the Jewish Community High School of Gratz College to create a program that addresses teen dating.

In order to celebrate its Bat Mitzvah year, the New York-based Hadassah Foundation handed out a total of 13 grants of $500 each.

According to Ruth Schapira, acting director of the high school, which is based in Melrose Park, the program, "Getting to Shalom Bayit," is modeled after a college program, "Shalom Bayit," that Hadassah already funds.

But Schapira said that high school students are confronting many complicated issues in their personal lives and Jewish educators shouldn't wait for college to address them.

She added that the program, which will initially be offered at the high school's Melrose Park and Chester County locations, will tackle "the power struggles within dating and violence that could occur within a dating situation."

"We have an opportunity when we work with Jewish teens to let them know that we are sensitive to what is going on in their lives," she added. "The more relevant we can be in their lives, the more relevant Judaism is going to feel for them."


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