Friday, December 9, 2016 Kislev 9, 5777

The Lab Philly

What The Lab Does:


We offer one incredible Friday evening service per month, usually on the Fourth Friday. Davvening at The Lab is authentic, dynamic, emotionally rich, and musical; infused with energy, passion, and soul  It is designed to lift you up, break your heart open, inspire you, and awaken your conscience. Our services are professionally-run yet informal. We utilize traditional Jewish liturgy, but make it accessible to everyone, regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey. and.  Over time, we hope to offer additional services. We also plan irregular Friday night tisch’s, Saturday kiddushes, Havdallah services, melaveh malkah services, and possibly even holiday services, as the community expands and demand increases.


We offer genuine and deep Jewish learning that responds to and engages with our most pressing questions and struggles (love, loss, longing). We want to encourage personal growth and inspire concrete action in the world. Learning at The Lab is creative, relevant, and meaningful, and offered in a wide variety of formats: Study sessions at bars and coffee shops, house parties, Youtube videos, and online learning.  Learning at The Lab is always designed to be open and accessible to all levels and backgrounds.

Pursuing Justice

We believe that Judaism should propel us into the public square to pursue justice, kindness, dignity and peace. We care deeply that Judaism speaks to the issues of the day, inspires us to take action, and provides us with hands-on ways of doing so. That’s why we’re working to formulate a communal social justice agenda. We seek to engage deeply in the world, working for local, national, and global good. To any extent possible, we will partner with existing justice organizations.


We break bread together. Often. Every time we have a Friday night service, there is a meal to follow. Most learning, parties, and religious programs have copious food and drink. We feed the body and the spirit, because community happens over food. And we don’t stop there: Want to have a Shabbat dinner at your home on a week we’re not meeting? We’ll help you organize, support, and facilitate it.


We throw crazy, off the hook parties, happy hours, mixers, barbecues, movie nights, sports events, board game nights, special interest programs, etc. Since music is so crucial to the soul of our mission, we also hope to host jam sessions, which will double as opportunities to become active in the prayer life of the community. To any extent possible we partner with existing organizations on our parties.

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