Thursday, December 8, 2016 Kislev 8, 5777

Did you know that small farmers grow 70 percent of the world’s food? This statistic from the Real Food Media Project forms the foundation of eco-author Anna Lappe's argument that there's no need to be dependent on industrial agriculture to feed the world. Rather, she says, a network of small-scale, independent farms using sustainable practices can be the solution.


A few months ago, my friend Stephanie and I started something we've been calling The Bubbi Project. We're looking into how our grandmothers passed along the tradition of Jewish cooking, and how that food plays a really big role in our link with our history.

After our grandmothers survived the Holocaust, they became friends while still in Europe, starting families together and both soon immigrating to America. Two generations later, our families continue to intertwine, and as the granddaughters of these amazing survivors, we're thankful every day to see a part of them inside of...