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Partnership Minyanim Holds First Shabbaton Event at Penn

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Orli Major (left) of New York University joins Penn students Tyler Crane (center) and Adam Wachs in the Havdalah ceremony at the first Intercollegiate Partnership Minyanim Shabbaton, hosted by Penn.

This past Shabbat on Penn's campus was a crowded one, filled with special rituals and observances as part of the first Intercollegiate Partnership Minyanim Shabbaton, an Orthodox celebration hosted by the Shira Chadasha community of Penn Hillel.

Students arrrived from college campuses that have similar Partnership Minyanim programs, with more than 100 students taking part in services throughout the two days, and a dinner/discussion experience mulling over "Questions of the Community."

After Shabbat dinner on Friday, the organizers held a "tisch," a gathering in song in celebratioon of Torah.

Saturday's discussion choices included “On-Halacha: Women and Prayer” and “The Nuts and Bolts of a Partnership Minyan.”

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