Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Tishri 28, 5775

Miriam Steinberg-Egeth

Jewish Exponent Blogger

Dear Miriam,

For those of us who are job-hunting, could you share some tips for successful and effective networking?

Take My Card, Please!

Dear Card,

Tomorrow is one of the most successful networking events I know of: The 11th Annual Law Networking Event run by the Jewish Graduate Student Network and The Louis D. Brandeis Law Society. Yes, it's possible that I'm partial to the event, but I have also seen it have tangible impact on people's careers. If you're looking for employment in a law-related field, you should be there, but even...


Dear Miriam,

Why are there so many potluck Shabbat meals in Philadelphia? How do I decide what to bring? Are there other pieces of potluck etiquette I should know about?

Puzzled by potlucks

Dear Puzzled,

You're absolutely right that the Philadelphia Jewish scene is ripe with potluck meals! The recent article in the Jewish Exponent talks about this trend. This coming Shabbat, at least four organizations are hosting potlucks: Hillel's Grad Network (where I work!), Moishe House Philadelphia, and the Collaborative are all hosting Friday...


Remember when I categorized the types of advice I thought I might be called on to give? I'm happy to answer my first truly wackadoo question, though I suspect this is something that has occurred to more people than are probably willing to admit it.

Dear Miriam,

Whenever I go to synagogue, I cringe a little when I take a kipah from the communal bin. Is it true that kipah bins can house lice?  I'll take one, but I still feel worried... What do you think?

Yiddishe Kup

Dear Yiddishe Kup,

A quick review of several health-...


In preparation for a class I'm teaching at the National Havurah Committee Chesapeake Retreat this coming weekend, I've been doing some research about the Millennial Generation, defined as those born between 1980 and 2000. It turns out that 21 percent of Millennials are married (half the percentage of their parents’ generation at the same ages), and 34 percent of Millennials are parents. In honor of those stats, available here, we're taking a break from dating to talk about parenting. And if you're interested in NHC, registration for this weekend is closed, but check out the NHC Summer...


Before we get to this week's question, there's a little housekeeping to take care of. First of all, thanks for all the positive feedback I've been getting about the column so far! I'd love for more of those comments to go directly on this site (as opposed to on Facebook or in my personal inbox) so that perhaps we can get some conversation going. Also, I've gotten feedback that it's hard to know when there's going to be a new post. Two solutions: 1) the answer is every Monday and Thursday, and 2) sign up to follow the blog, and you'll get an email every time there's a new post. Finally,...



I am extremely proud to be a part of making the Philadelphia Jewish community the best it can be.

I am a co-founder of Minyan Tikvah (a lay-led prayer group in Center City Philadelphia that meets once a month for traditional egalitarian Shabbat services), a founder of a former matchmaking service for Jewish graduate students, a children’s book reviewer, a former elementary school teacher, a pretty decent cook and a mom to two beautiful children.

I spent years as the director of Hillel of Greater Philadelphia’s Jewish Graduate Student Network before resigning to spend more time with my family. My husband, Marc, likes to say that I knew more people within a week of moving to Philadelphia than he knew after six years here.

I’m originally from the tiny town of Fredonia, NY, and sometimes I still stare at the skyscrapers and marvel at how many Jews I know.

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