Friday, December 9, 2016 Kislev 9, 5777

Penn Hillel Religious Communities

Steinhardt Hall
215 South 39th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Penn Hillel hosts the following religious communities:

The Orthodox Community at Penn (OCP) offers what can only be called a plethora of programs and services for Orthodox Jewish students at Penn and at neighboring schools. OCP offers courses for students interested in studying Torah and Talmud and learning about halakha (Jewish law), Jewish women’s issues, and a great deal of other topics. OCP hosts a number of social events like the ever-popular casino night and celebrations for Jewish holidays. World-renowned scholars-in-residence join OCP each year, and the community makes an extraordinary effort to raise money for the needy around the world.

The Conservative Jewish Community (CJC) is a warm and welcoming group that hosts social, educational and spiritual opportunities for the Penn Jewish community. CJC holds well-attended Shabbat services that are filled with soulful melodies and singing that restore the weary souls of Penn’s most elite and eclectic. In addition to the services, CJC provides a full helping of warm schmooze and good friends to wrap up your week. Make sure to check out CJC’s “New Student Launch” which provides a series of social outings and events geared at connecting new and returning students.

Reform Jewish Community (RJC)- Connecting Reform Jews at the University of Pennsylvania. RJC opens its arms to Jews of all backgrounds as the vanguard of liberal Judaism at Penn. Our Friday night services are musical and spirited. Our educational programs and interesting and relevant. Our social events are fun and lively. And our commitment to social justice is deep and vigorous. Check out this magnetic group and feel the connection!

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