Sunday, April 20, 2014 Nisan 20, 5774

Michael Elkin

Features Editor
What's a nice Jewish girl like Sarah Silverman doing with a mouth so scummy that soap would run screaming from it? Or, as Silverman herself might put it, "None of your #@*!&*# #@**#@##! Hmmm, she can hide from intensified Tide. If sweet Sarah has her finger on the pulse of contemporary comedy, it may also be the same finger she's...
Has DNA become the millennium's mnemonic device for "Do Not Arrest"? And has life "After Innocence" become a mere afterthought as exonerated felons find the mean streets they face no more humane now that they've been declared innocent? Both questions are examined at length in the compelling "After Innocence," which opens in the area Dec. 2. The camera follows the...
Is there any current TV show more Jewish than "Curb Your Enthusiasm"? Like a Yiddish kite that soars with a broken tail, HBO''s "Curb Your Enthusiasm" mangles and minces the language with feisty flair. Larry David''s delirious dream of a series offers a tasty tam of Jewish language and living that is at once sweet and sour. And, oh, so...
Giving thanks for a great holiday film schedule? Where better to catch up than at the Regal Warrington Crossing Stadium 22 in Bucks County, where the best of the best are being shown. That's right: It's time for that favorite of "On the Scene" contests - "Magical Monday Night at the Movies." Each of 30 winners will receive a pair...
David Schwimmer forsakes dweebs and goes deep for ‘Duane’
Friends? "Duane Hopwood" is his own worst enemy. The beer-guzzling, gutless gross-out of a young geezer has never met a knife he couldn't stab in his own back. Arrested for DUI, Duane nonchalantly demurs stepping into the officer's car until he can get something from the back seat - his slumbering young daughter. Is Duane Hopwood, a downtrodden divorced dad,...


Michael Elkin has worked as the Exponent Arts & Entertainment and Features editors for some 40 years.

He has won some 40 national and regional writing awards over his career as well as three fellowships in playwriting and screenwriting from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

His arts articles — including working as a jazz critic for the Evening and Sunday Bulletin; book reviewer for the Philadelphia Inquirer; and rock reviewer/TV writer for the Camden Courier-Post  — and op-eds have appeared throughout North America; his plays have been staged internationally, including runs in Romania — one play running for  five years —  Israel, Germany, Los Angeles and, locally, the Walnut Street Theatre and People's Light and Theatre Company. He is a  Tony Award voter and is a member of a national new play selection committee handing out an annual award to an  up-and-coming playwright.

He worked as a mentor with the Philadelphia Young Playwrights' outreach program to area high schools and at one point headed up the playwriting program at the Walnut Street Theatre School.  His play "Cries in the Night" was cited in the book "The Best Plays of 1992-93," in the "New Plays From Around the Country" category. His travel articles have appeared nationally and he has worked as a travel editor for Fodor's Travel Guides.

As a screenwriter, he  was asked by filmmaker John Frankenheimer ("Birdman of Alcatraz," "The Manchurian Candidate"), with whom he then worked,  to write a script for Frankenheimer to direct.

He has moderated and taken part in national conferences both here and in New York on topics ranging from hip-hop/rap to theater to comedy and has served as a board member of film and theater arts groups.

Elkin has appeared on area TV and radio shows and served as arts critic for the cable program "Our Town." He has been cited in reference books for his investigative work on TV as an influential social medium. For his expertise in film and theater, Elkin was asked to — and did — serve as on-screen interviewer of actor Richard Dreyfuss in a documentary about the American Music Theater Festival, with which Dreyfuss was involved.

A graduate of Temple University — he also studied screenwriting at New York University and attended the University of Houston Bates School of Law — Elkin was honored to be Temple's commencement speaker in the mid-90s. He also taught journalism at Temple as well as screenwriting at La Salle University.



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