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Donating Great "Lengths" For Cancer

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Baldwin School teacher Brie Daley stops for a smile with student Brynn Landow, who donated her hair to an organization that makes free wigs for young cancer patients.

Mitzvah Heroines:  Eight girls from the Lower School at the Baldwin School donated their flowing locks to an organization that makes free wigs for young cancer patients.

What They Did for Love: Under the leadership of teacher Brie Daley, the young girls had their stressed tresses trimmed at Salon D’Andrea in Ardmore as part of Pantene’s "Beautiful Lengths" project in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

Not a One-Time Thing: This year’s class is the second in two years to take part in this effort to help cancer victims.

Good for Them: The Landow girls are veterans of doing good for the hair and now: Third-grader Blake donated her chopped locks last year while sister Brynn, a first grader, took part this year. (Another sister, kindergartner Charly, is next in line.)

Why’d they do it? Mom Arlyn credits “the wonderful influence of second-grade teacher Brie. Blake has a lot of respect for her and wanted to do this with Brie,” who actually had her own hair cut for the cause last year.

As for the kids themselves, if it’s good for the sister…

“I saw my sister do it so I wanted to do it, too,” explains Brynn.

Blake says she agreed to take a lot off the top "to give to kids who are sick to make them happy and feel good about themselves." And when all is said and done — and a mitzvah made — “it makes me feel like a proud person who is being compassionate to others who are not as healthy as I am.”

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