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A Day in 'Israel' for Ramah Day Campers

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Seat belts tightened, campers prepare for takeoff on Ramah Air.

Wouldn’t you like to fly?

Three-hundred Ramah Day Camp kids shouted their approval for what turned out to be a soaring experience at the camp’s annual Yom Israel celebration on the Elkins Park campgrounds.

Before boarding the makeshift Ramah Air — was that El Al turning green with envy? — the campers went through passport control and, of course, security. Once onboard the massive "jet" (with surprisingly comfortable seats), they watched a movie extolling their destination of Israel, a blockbuster produced, directed, written and acted by campers with the obligatory — and cute — special effects.

Even throw-up bags were provided.

After they touched down and touched their lips to the ground, the campers, ages 4 to 12, went on to the sights and sounds of Israel-in-Elkins Park.

OK, so it wasn’t the real Israel. But it was close enough for everyone to have a great sand-filled day (yes, there was a sandbox as well).

Exclaimed Noam Avraham, 6: “It’s the best day ever!”

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